Back to school

It is that time of year again, the kids are going back to school.

When you think that their math performance was not optimal or that they show any of the following early warning signs listed HERE take action to make sure you are ahead of any issues.

Our mission is to bring Awareness, Communication, Research and Remediation of Dyscalculia to those who may need it.

A first step is always to do our Dyscalculia Screener. Available FREE in the left navigation panel (free registration required).

If the outcome of that Screener indicates that there may be issues with math, please continue to explore this and consider doing the online Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test at    This will give you an app. five page report that provides a lot more specific insights.

When full testing is recommended, contact us for the available options.

Please ensure that the children have a great year in school and make sure they get the support they need when they have a learning issue.