Prevent the Math Summer-Slide with Games

Did you know research says kids lose on average 10 weeks of math knowledge over the summer? They have worked so hard to learn new concepts and skills only to lose a quarter of what they gained over a whole year! Prevent the math ‘summer-slide’ and make sure they start the new year well prepared.

Enroll children in a fun filled math summer camp. Look for a camp that focuses on fun activities and in depth thinking instead of drilling math facts. We have our own camps packed with math games and riddles and new 3D hands-on activities for 3-5th graders in Houston, see 

At home, you do not need to do boring flashcards or worksheets. Take action and play fun Math Games, so they can enjoy math (and stick with it longer!)

Download the list click the link: Games boardgames, domino, dice and cardgames update