Being bad at math can be a learning disability

When your child is not doing very well in Math, please do not brush it off with “math is just not their thing” or “they will grow into it”.

Chances are that your child  may have a Math Learning Disability or Dyscalculia. When your child does not start reading fast enough, don’t you take immediate action? You wouldn’t say “oh reading is not their thing”. No you would investigate and get help.

Likewise with falling behind in Math, you need to take action, get it assessed and get them the help they deserve.

Even when you are an adult and have always had trouble with math, there is something you can still do to change this. Get an assessment ( an easy quick start is at ) and get helped to advance your career or just be more comfortable going through life that is increasingly made up of algorithms and numbers.

In the general population there is about one in fifteen people that have this learning disability but it is rather unknown and thus does not often get diagnosed at school yet.

Take action, make sure you know what is happening and if there is a reason to get further help.

The new school year, let’s get ready

When your student(s) have been struggling with math it could be Dyscalculia. 

Let’s not wait too long and provide the support they need and deserve. 

To learn more about Dyscalculia you can:

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Early detection of Dyscalculia is very important

It is hard to recognize a learning disability in your child. Many parents do not want to see it, many parents eventually see it late.

HERE is a nice short cheat sheet with the symptoms to look for.

We all want the best for our children and one of the ways to ensure they get the support they deserve in school is to be on the lookout for signs that may indicate something is going on. If you are not sure, TEST, it can never hurt.

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More online Dyscalculia Services

Dyscalculia is the forgotten learning disability and many children do not get diagnosed or do not receive the support they need and deserve.

We work hard to bring awareness of Dyscalculia to the educational community and we try to make services to re-mediate Dyscalculia available, on site but now also more and more online to ensure people outside our working area will have access.

Today we can introduce our online Dyscalculia Tutor Training. It is a course that will teach you to become an independent Dyscalculia Tutor and start supporting students with the Math Learning Disability or Dyscalculia. Call us for information or visit the new site:

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As always email us with any questions , let’s make this a stellar Math Year!