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Children learn by doing

Research in education tells us over and over that hands on activities have more impact than verbal or written explanations alone. Simple manipulatives and pictures are used as key elements to illustrate math concepts.
The connections with your child’s everyday life experiences make it all sink in. Safely anchored in his memory he can now start to apply it in other situations.

Download our free guidelines and templates for games, outright playful and more serious activities to develop the math centers in his brain. There are sample activities to develop number sense, visuo-spatial activities and templates. Have fun!

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1. Number sense activities                                             Math concept                                                                    
Rules of Thumb{nicedownloads:20} General approach for teaching your child
Number walk and Bedtime book{nicedownloads:17} Learning number words, counting, one to one relationship, starting with the numerals
Take a guess before you count{nicedownloads:5} Subitizing, small quantity estimation, quantity comparison
Learning to count on the kitchen tiles{nicedownloads:9} Counting up and counting down, numerals
First, Second, and Third place{nicedownloads:12} Play a game to learn the cardinal numbers
Number cards counting and sorting activity{nicedownloads:25} Counting and sorting by ones and tens until 100
Number line, addition, subtraction, skip counting {nicedownloads:6} Number line, distance, counting, skip counting, addition, subtraction
On the Double{nicedownloads:16} Introducing the concept of multiplication by doubling
Conquer the Multiplication Blues{nicedownloads:7} Basic understanding of the multiplication tables till ten
Help with fractions{nicedownloads:11} Help your child to understand fractions
Understanding fractions and Fractions Booklet{nicedownloads:23} Explantion how to make the most of the Fractions Booklet
Fractions Booklet{nicedownloads:2} My fractions book: whole and parts, add and subtract like parts
Fraction Notation activity and cards


Fraction notation activity with cards
Cross out cross multiplication{nicedownloads:10} Prevent confusion with cross multiplication by showing all steps
2. Visuospatial activities  Math concept  
Symmetry activity: looking left and right{nicedownloads:4} Symmetry drawings: sizes and shapes, line of symmetry, symmetrical shape
Ruler number sense activity{nicedownloads:26} Estimating size of numbers on a number line
Thinking about Area by folding{nicedownloads:22} Fold to divide an area in similar parts, area is width times length
Pegboards{nicedownloads:18} Copy patterns and shapes
Patterns from concrete to abstract{nicedownloads:24} From patterns with concrete objects to number patterns
3. Templates  Math concept
Counting placemat{nicedownloads:8}  Counting to five
Number-bonds placemat{nicedownloads:19}  Number-bonds to ten
Number cards{nicedownloads:14}  Color coded number cards 1 – 100
Base ten template{nicedownloads:3}  Ones, tens, hundreds
 Domino Doubles Cards{nicedownloads:27}  Learning Doubles from 0 -9