Error Analysis

What’s the pattern?

Most errors students make in their math work tend to follow a pattern. One misunderstanding or a rule applied in the wrong way can mix up any correctly learned new math skill.


Instant help around the corner

Some errors have taken root in a student’s long term memory and can persist for long time without being brought to light. Some students only need these devilish details being discovered and corrected to get back on track. Dismantling these long time errors will enable them to successfully apply newly learned material and get the credit they deserve for studying hard.

Our new approach is to start with an Error Analysis, specific for the course material your child’s school works with and what your child’s teacher or your child’s textbook is teaching now.

All math productions, scribbles, homework papers, assignments, quizzes or tests a student makes in 2 weeks will be reviewed. This will give an insight in where the student goes wrong, and how to target this so s/he can be successful and jump on the math train in class again.

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When the Error Analysis shows there is a profound issue with mathematics, you can opt for a more in depth evaluation and a specific tutoring program.

The schedule for this is posted on the website, under Services.

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