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Welcome to Math and Dyscalculia Services PDF Print E-mail

Raising awareness about Dyscalculia and providing services to those struggling with Math. 

Our website has many articles that will create a better understanding about Dyscalculia, how you detect it, what the latest research is, how you can help students overcome those challenges, and tips and resources for Parents and Educators. Enjoy reading the articles and using the activities and downloads. The site is free, but free registration is required for access to the activities and downloads.


Our services include: 

How to learn Math: for students PDF Print E-mail


How to Learn Math for Students

by Jo Boaler, Stanford University Professor of Mathematics Education, has just opened for registration. The  MOOC course is FREE and is designed for any learners of math, to give them a positive relationship with math.

The course has 3 goals:

  1. To instill a growth mindset, especially in math
  2. To teach a range of mathematical strategies, such as representing, and seeking big ideas
  3. To show math as a connected, living subject with videos of math in soccer, dance, art, nature and many more applications.

The MOOC was designed and is presented with my team of undergraduates, and offers a pedagogy of active engagement.

There are 6 course sessions, that take 15-20 minutes each. They combine short videos that teach ideas with questions for students to think about and help deepen learning. At the end of every session students are asked to summarise the ideas for someone of a similar age. This draws from the "saying is believing" approach of psychological research that shows that when students summarise ideas and explain them to someone else they are helped in believing them for themselves.

The course is designed for learners of all levels and all ages. I recommend that teachers judge the suitability of the materials for elementary age children. For those under 13 a parent or other person responsible for them will be required to register on the site, giving email and other details. 

Ideally students can take the classes during lesson time and spend the rest of the lesson discussing them as a class. I recommend not taking the classes faster than once a week. The class is best taken individually, not as a class, as it involves deep, personal reflection on mindsets.

The class will open at the end of May/beginning of June and stay open until the end of December, so that students could take the course this school year, in the summer or in the fall. But register now, so that you can be sent more details and news when the course opens.



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