My child is struggling in Math, could she/he have dyscalculia? Every child is different and many children experience that a Math topic is somewhat harder at the start. When a problem persists despite some extra help or explanations you can consider the possibility of a learning difference in Math. Not all symptoms are combined in one child.

The most common symptoms are: 

• Starting to count at a later age than siblings

• Taking more time to memorize the numerals

• Counting on fingers instead of using math facts from                memory

• Uncomfortable with activities involving numbers

• Confusion over math concepts

• Difficulty memorizing math facts, in particular multiplication      tables

• Repeated mistakes with Math vocabulary

• Inconsistency: seems to ‘get it’ one day, forgets it the next

• Difficulty making a rough guesstimate

• Difficulty with perception of shapes and relative sizes

• Confusion over reading time on a digital and an analogue        clock

• ‘Misreading’ the Math problem: add instead of multiply etc.

• Working slowly and inconsistently or just jotting down              random numbers

• Deliberately avoiding math tasks, while being OK with              language arts or other subjects.