At Dyscalculia Services we believe in empowering people who work with children to help them connect with Math in an enjoyable and meaningful way. Making Math meaningful and fun is beneficial for all children, both for those who struggle as for those who excel in Math.

Young children often have a basic understanding of numbers, shapes, and sizes and they also love stories. Telling or reading stories about numbers is the first step to make Math tie in with everyday life. Secondly using manipulatives and later pictures are the essential connections to bridge the gap between the concrete world and the abstract representation using numbers.

Here are stepping stones to progress in Math:

1. math stories -> 2. manipulatives -> 3. pictorial representations -> 4. abstract representations

Children who have missed a connection feel as if they have been left in the railway station while the train has departed. You can help your child board the train and reconnect with Math using the components in this sequence.

We provide free information and activities for parents and home school groups, who like to support their children’s learning. Please feel free to use our downloads. We appreciate your comments, email to: