Children lose on average about 2 ½ months of Math during the summer months.

Dyscalculia Services offers the SPIRIT program in the summer months. It runs from June 1 through early July.

Bookings for current clients of Dr Schreuder are available now HERE

New students need to:

  • Email us at to announce their intention to participate in SPIRIT
  • Complete THIS FORM and
  • Take our Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test (MDST) please go HERE Next we will contact you to talk about scheduling and frequency.

SPIRIT stands for Summer Program Individual Review In-depth Tutoring. We offer the opportunity to book sessions with us to do several things:

  • Get ready for the next grade
  • Repeat some of the more difficult topics of last year
  • Avoid the infamous “summer slide” that gets students to glide back about 2-3 months in math knowledge over the vacation period
  • Focus on one particular Math topic

The program is individual and flexible, you can contact us with your specific interests and we will be happy to work with you and your student to find a way to accommodate your interest.

The pricing is the same as our regular program and can be found HERE

Please contact us with any questions at or call us at 832 377 8373

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