Free downloads for Dyscalculia

To help parents and teachers teaching their students math, we have a range of tools, templates and games. These are all designed to help students with dyscalculia make more sense from math. We have featured these tool on this website however you had to make an account to get to the download page and so to make it easier to get the right tools, we have launched a new website just with our free downloads.

Go check it out at and let us know of any other tools you may want to see in this toolkit or when you want to share one of your tools, we are happy to put them out there with reference to you.

Adult Dyscalculia

8323778373 or 832 377 8373 or maybe 83 23 77 83 73 ? All come down to the same but not for all of us, showing you how dyscalculia can create havoc in your adult life. Get a diagnosis, get help.

This month we launched a new initiative, aimed at the adults with a possible math learning disability or dyscalculia. See our new website for this initiative at

Great links for tutoring online

Schools are starting, many still partly or totally online. Our students with dyscalculia thrive by handling manipulatives themselves and over the summer many parents have been proactive by buying a set of the materials most used so the tutor can demonstrate and can see how the student builds the same and after that can show how to work out his/her own answers.     We can’t expect parents to purchase the variety of manipulatives a tutor has, so we often need to throw in some online manipulatives. 
Here are the websites with virtual manipulatives I am using the most:

  • NumberShapes has interactives with number lines, including double number lines to help visualize proportional thinking, attractive looking subitizing using colored eggs, also images, tasks, apps, and games
  • MathsBot, Tools for Maths Teachers has arguably the largest series of manipulatives,  and tools also help for GCSE, fact practice drills, and more
  • Mathigon has activities that include virtual manipulatives at the polypad base ten blocks, number bars, fraction bars, algebra tiles, pentominoes, and tangram that you can place on a white background or in a square grid, save your work and share or with your student by email 
  • The illuminations website from the NCTM has a large number of interactives, searchable for topic and level

If you have a gem you want to share with your fellow Dyscalculia Tutors, please drop me an email and we’ll share them. Happy online tutoring!

We celebrate the season and small business Saturday!

– New module for the Dyscalculia Tutor Training
– Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test improved
– Advent Calendar online

Exciting news from our Dyscalculia Tutor Training

We have finished a new Module: Dyscalculia Tutoring Geometry Concepts 1-4
This is now ready for enrollment.
To celebrate this launch and Small Business Saturday we have a coupon code for you for 15% off ending Monday December 2nd. Use coupon code: SBS (the coupon code will be applied in your final checkout)
Access the new Module HERE
Access the Dyscalculia Training Center with all available courses HERE
The completion of this module means that our Dyscalculia Tutor Training nears completion

In the training now available are:

Dyscalculia Tutor Training 1-1
Dyscalculia Tutoring Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages (module #1-2)
Dyscalculia Tutoring Algebra concepts in a visual way (module #1-3)
Dyscalculia Tutoring Geometry Concepts (modules #1-4)

We are working hard on the completion of our final module: Graphs, Charts,  and Data Analysis (module #1-5)

Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test updated and improved

The navigation of the Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test has been dramatically improved.
In the new system you can still do a Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test and get a report emailed to you within a short period after finishing the Test.
Now you can make an account and get the Test resend to you.
Also you may now take a break as the Test will save your work at some points, wait until the system tells you it is ok to take a break.
With your account you can now order regular tests to see any improvement and have them all available to you in your account.
In the background we have improved and added more flexibility so that Dr Schreuder can send you custom tests of several modules.
As always, reduced prices exist for those who order more than 10 in any one year, email us for details.
You can access the new Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test at

2019 Advent Calendar online now

As last year we have a nice advent calendar for you to use with your students during the December month.
Access the calendar at
Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas, 

Looking forward to another year of creating awareness, communication, research and remediation of Dyscalculia.


Dr. Anneke Schreuder PhD