Do you “outgrow” dyscalculia?


Dyscalculia does not go away just by growing and reaching adult age.

The good news is that you can overcome the hindrance of dyscalculia with individualized learning. And you can successfully target the areas that are difficult for you at any age.

When the teaching methods in your previous classroom were not in sync with your learning style or speed for several years in a row, you might have some hidden gaps in skills and understanding. A rather small misconception, that took root years ago, can play havoc during activities that involve math skills later on in life.

Actually, this is a common thing, so try out this excellent and free online program that is designed to do just that. It has already helped thousands adults and you can benefit too. Select the learning examples that apply to your every day life.

Don’t delay, enjoy the clear, one minute explanatory video’s, and check out the ‘bargain hunting’ and other activities based on real life situations at Skillswise English & math for adults. You might even pick up some British English along the way….