Dyscalculia makes choosing a good deal really difficult


A Math disorder makes consumers an easy prey.

Having dyscalculia does not make math classes in school your favorite.
Unfortunately it does not end with graduation. Many math problems are abstract representations of real world financial deals.
We all remember the questions about buying so many articles, paying with this banknote or the other, and having to work out the exact change. Take the calculations to the next level when you like to work out interest and paying credit card debt before the statements arrive or when you are verifying the numbers.
How do you get to the best deal when you need a new fridge: the adds are flying around and they all look great at first sight: 20% off at this model, the set ‘lowest’ price there, or the small initial payment combined with a number of monthly payments at another shop??
These can be hard to do in the class room environment with your text book open, some worked out examples on the board, and the class room teacher as specialized helper at hand. When you were stuck with questions like these in school, it is easy to image it gets next to impossible to do this in the real world, when you are scrambling for time and so many other shores are piled up.