Dyscalculia Services and the Dyscalculia Training Center offer a Teacher Workshop/Mini Course.
Workshop date: TBA
We run workshops as one day events or as mini courses on three successive Wednesday evenings 6:30-9 pm
Location: Xavier Educational Academy, Middle school building, 3642 University blvd , Houston, TX 77005
Maximum class size: 12 The small class size allows us to work very in-depth on your specific issues.
Cost: $175.- per person 


This workshop/minicourse is very hands on and aims, after a brief introduction of Dyscalculia, to answer your specific questions. You will receive a survey before the actual workshop to ensure we will be prepared to answer your questions and work on your problems.
Dyscalculia in the classroom, homework help, tutoring approaches, effective working with manipulatives we cover it all.
Various Materials, refreshments and lunch included.
Course Leader: Dr. A.M. Schreuder 


The topics covered are:
  • What is Dyscalculia and current research
  • How to detect Dyscalculia
  • Dyscalculia in the classroom, math anxiety
  • Dyscalculia accommodation and interventions
  • Available programs and resources
  • Effective use of manipulatives
  • Golden rules 
  • Q & A


workshops are subject to our TERMS and CONDITIONS