What is dyscalculia?

How often did you hear adults say: “I always struggled with math in school” or even worse “I am just not a math person” basically accepting that it will always […]

Do you “outgrow” dyscalculia?

  Dyscalculia does not go away just by growing and reaching adult age. The good news is that you can overcome the hindrance of dyscalculia with individualized learning. And you […]

Cross Out the Cross Multiplication

  Cross multiplication: the cross products of a proportion are equal Cross multiplication has been a standard component in math courses for many years. So why should we cross out something? […]

Visual-spatial skills can be nurtured

Show and mention visual-spatial relations to your toddler and nurture spatial intelligence After starting with a ‘net’ a flat cut out paper model of a cube with some marks on […]

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia in the Headlines

  Ever been confused if your child has dyslexia OR dyscalculia? Could it be both? You might be right as there is considerable overlap between the two. Several skills need […]