Dyscalculia Movie: Sorry, wrong number

  Professor Brian Butterworth is a world authority on the problems associated with dyscalculia – the inability to recognise numbers – and we are delighted to have him working with […]

Learning to Count on Kitchen Tiles

  Here’s a great opportunity to connect with numbers when you are in the kitchen with your child. This learning by doing activity will help your child to understand the meaning […]

Learning math is only a few clicks away

  Nowadays kids want social media and computers for everything, including learning, and to be frank the older generation would probably have wanted it too, if it was available… The […]

Math Anxiety

It hurts teachers to see students struggle with Math. Clearly, those students come into the classroom anticipating to go through an hour of discomfort or outright stress. Those clear verbal […]

What is dyscalculia?

How often did you hear adults say: “I always struggled with math in school” or even worse “I am just not a math person” basically accepting that it will always […]