Are you puzzled why your bright child does not seem to get what is easy for others? Have you ever considered that your child’s brain could work a bit differently […]

Number-line Addition and Subtraction

Feel free to download our template “Addition and Subtraction on the number-line”, it provides and easy and playful way to teach Second graders and those at that learning level, to […]

Take a quick guess before you count

Taking a quick guess before starting to count will help children get a ‘sense for quantity’. Guessing the quantity of a few loosely scattered items or in a small heap […]

Instant Fix

Graph paper works wonders both for calculations and understanding concepts Although there is no instant fix for dyscalculia, there is an instant fix to maximize your credits for the math […]

Online Learning

  Students are different in interest and abilities, some need more repetition and some need hardly any. An interactive, self paced option can offer advantages to all types of learners.  […]

Play to improve Math

  Nowadays kids want social media and computers for everything, including learning, and to be frank the older generation would probably have wanted it too, if it was available… The […]