Dr. Schreuder is proud, as a native of the Netherlands, to be able to provide a two hour intensive training to get the most use out of the REKENREKs.

These sessions are best suited for groups of teachers for example as part of a professional development event, for home schooling parents or for groups of interested parents and tutors who want to integrate the use of REKENREK in their daily work with students.

During a two hour session she will cover the following topics:

  • Short history of the REKENREK
  • Why it works
  • What works best with REKENREK
  • What can REKENREK do and what NOT
  • Working with REKENREK in class situations
  • Working with REKENREK one on one
  • REKENREK resources and where to get them
  • Answers to specific questions about REKENREK


To Inquire about the two hour intensive REKENREK training session provided by Dr. Schreuder  please fill out the form below.